About Dan May

Singer-songwriter Dan May’s career path has taken more twists and turns than a corkscrew in a hurricane. He has worked as a grave-digger, television cameraman, short-order cook, nuclear missile security guard, gas station attendant, ice cream truck driver, ski-lift operator, factory worker, furniture delivery man, amusement park worker and greenhouse laborer; all before the age of 25.

While studying music composition in college, he inadvertently stumbled upon an international opera career that forced him to leave a promising future as a songwriter behind. Cut to 15 years later, and after a vocal cord surgery that left him no longer able to meet the demands of opera, Dan returned to doing what he does best; writing and performing his own songs.

Since his crossover from classical to popular music, Dan has hit the ground running. With six critically acclaimed albums already under his belt, including his 2011 release "Dying Breed" making the Philadelphia Inquirer's list of "Top 10 Albums" of 2011.  Dan has just added album number seven to the list with his  latest work, "Legacy"  which was released in May of 2023.

In 2016, Dan added "Author" to his list of credentials, with the release of his first book, "Adventures in Grocery Shopping," which made the Philadelphia Inquirer's list of "Best Books of 2016."  He followed that up with his second book, again a compilation of essays about his life experiences, "Street Urchins, Poets and Dream Visitors." Dan's live shows now include readings from both books in addition to singing songs off of his seven albums.  The readings have become a fan favorite and a staple of his live performances.   


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